Acti-Med AG - Freiensteinau



- Diameter range: 0.3-0.4; Total length from 17 to 40mm

- Diameter range: 0.4-0.5; Total length from 17 to 50mm

- Diameter range: 0.5-3.0; Total length from 17 to 90 mm


Types of grinding used in cannulas:


- single cut

- lancet cut

- Back bevel - "intravenous" type

- V-cut


Pipe cut length.

Sandblasting tubes and cannulas.

-Sand-blasted surface roughness from Ra 0.4 to Ra 1; on special order Ra1,5.

-Sandblasting area according to customer specifications.

-Accuracy on sandblasted surface ± 1mm.


With the vibro-abrasive processing, curves are achieved at the ends of cannulas and tubes according to the specification.